Rem's Suede Cleaning Kit

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Rem's got the right tools. Rem's Suede Cleaning Kit is the perfect kit for your suede sneakers. Use our Natural Eraser to dry clean suede! After dry cleaning the suede, use our foam cleaner since it has the perfect ratio and minimal water our foam cleaner is ideal for delicate materials like suede and premium shoe brush to clean the suede and lastly use the Suede Brush to revive the buttery nap of your Suede sneakers.


Apply as often as necessary clean suede and nu-buck. Frequent application will continually hydrate, extending the amount of time between conditioning. Temporary darkening may occur. This is completely normal, and original coloration will gradually come back when its dry. 

•  dry clean using our standard brush (brush of the surface dirt)
•  our natural suede eraser to remove any stubborn stains
•  shake foam bottle well before each use
•  do not spot-clean, always treat entire item for an even finish
•  pump to the shoes until it looks wet and use the standard brush with light pressure to gently clean suede
•  wipe down with a microfiber towel or cloth