100ML Rem's Shield

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Made by a new generation of nano SiO2 and special chemical formulation, is mainly used for anti-fouling, waterproof, easy clean and absorbent shoes surface. A water based nanotechnology protection against liquid, oil, dirt and stain. All type of pollutant coated surface can be easily removed due to having lotus effect on the film. Moreover the film is highly durable and can withstand abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and UV radiation resistance. It is an colorless and odorless and that will not affect breath-ability and material of shoes. Can lasts up to 6 months.

- 1 x Rem's Shield
- All Natural Ingredients
- Biodegradable
- Lasts up to 6 months
- SGS Certification
- Can Shield up to 10 pairs of sneaker 
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