Rem's Foam Athlete's Kit

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Foam Athlete's Kit was created concerning the athletes to make them look good while striving for greatness at every training or game. The Foam Cleaner does not need water to clean, making it easier for the athletes to clean and sanitize their shoes.

Our Foam Cleaner has the perfect ratio of our highest standards ingredients and water that's safe for all materials and very affordable, a soft bristle brush and a microfiber towel. The bag features a clear front, fine net to hold the products and make them organized.

1 x Rem's Foam Shoe Cleaner (160ml)
A cleaner with the highest standards ingredients for cleaning that's safe for all materials and very affordable. 
160ml cleans 40+ of shoes/sneakers.

1 x Premium Brush
Soft bristle brush to not damage and clean delicate materials.

1 x Microfiber cloth 
Ultra soft cloth.