Rems Movement

Rems Movement

We started @remsmovement to put together the stories of sneakers around the Philippines. We just don't wanna sell our products and services but just like our products we feature, the movement itself has quite a story too. The idea is to share, connect, tell and experience sneaker stories. Also, it’s not only about the sneakers, but more about the people who wear it. 

We will generally ask a set of questions like:

- How and when did you start collecting sneakers?

- Favorite Pair?

- What’s your most memorable sneaker experience? 

- What does your friends and family think about your passion for sneakers?

- Tip for sneakerheads?

These are relatable questions, which sneakerheads can relate. The friends and family question is the one that opens them up. Its became an interesting talk for the sneakerheads. 

Most importantly, @remsmovement isn’t about the how many sneakers do you own. It’s about the passion and stories behind the sneakers.

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