The secret of always -new sneakers: Rem's

The secret of always -new sneakers: Rem's

When you buy shoes/sneakers, you want them to always look like they did on the first day,  cleaning them with detergent or with household cleaning products will damage them with their chemical components.

For this reason, we are grateful that RemsPH created a shoe care brand specialized for maintaining your sneakers, and up until now they are improving and refining their products. Materials change, new ones appear and there are different necessities.

Products of Rem's

Using your old toothbrush is a thing of the past, because now there are brushes made specifically for cleaning sneakers. There are two versions, the standard one and the premium, both with a wooden handle, carved side and the brand’s logo, perfect for cleaning off dirt from the surface, especially in the sole and midsole area. The Rem's Standard Shoe Cleaner Brush has medium nylon bristles, while the Rem's Premium Shoe Cleaner Brush has authentic horse-mane hair and is made specific for leather shoes and delicate materials.

If we use a brush then it’s best to pair it with one of the brand’s featured products: the Rem's Absolute Solution Shoe Cleaner,without chemicals, 100% all natural, biodegradable and perfect for any color and material.

And to make the clean last, the Rem's Shield water, dirt and stain repellent has been designed as a water-based spray that once applied to the sneaker creates a protective layer that repels both dirt and water,

For delicate more specific materials such as suede, the Rem's Suede Cleaning Kit brings you a horse-mane brush with a type of “rubber eraser” which can be used both on the upper and the sole. 


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