Sneaker and Shoes Cleaning Service by Rem's Shoe Care

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Sneaker and Shoes Cleaning Service by Rem's Shoe Care

Shoe Care Made Easy by Rem's

Laundry Service is quite common but ever heard of Shoes or Sneakers cleaning service? We're The First and only shop in the Philippines to use advance technology apparatus such as ultrasonic cleaning devices.

What do Rem's offers?

Rem's is a professional shoe care service based in Quezon City and is an enthusiastic team aims to provide all sneaker-head in Philippines the absolute solution shoe care products and cleaning service for different types of shoes. They offer sneaker/shoes cleaning service which means you can send your dirty shoes to them and they will clean it for you. They also sell products to maintain your shoes after a solid clean!

When you ask why do I need to send my shoes for cleaning service when I can clean it myself, you probably think that shoe cleaning is an easy job but we can tell you it’s NOT. If you’re a sneaker-head, you would understand to keep and sustain the brand new condition of your sneakers is the hardest job ever! Because different materials would required different cleaning method and if you don’t clean it the correct, the result will be DAMAGED material.

Why Rem's?

Rem's offers FREE pick up and delivery service with some areas in Quezon City, yes, for FREE. You can schedule your pick up at anywhere around their service area or drop your shoes at our shop 75, timog ave q.c 3rd floor glamsquad salon, and they will also deliver your shoes back to your house.



Rem's uses their top-range absolute solution shoe cleaning products and also advance technology apparatus such as ultrasonic cleaning devices. Shoe cleaning required not only cleaner and brush, from cleaning to drying, the whole process need to be taken care off in order to keep your shoes in good condition.

Anti Bacterial and Free Shoe Bag!

All sneakers will be delivered back with a scent and If you question what smell is that, it is actually an anti bacterial treatment, Rem's Cleaning Crew will send your shoes back with a free shoe bag as well!

Where can you get Rem's Sneaker Cleaning Service?

You can check our terms and rates here

It’s easy as schedule your pick up at Rem's website, try it today, hit this link here.

Or visit our shop to drop off



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