Rem's Pick Up And Delivery: Absolute Solution For Your Shoes/Sneakers —Sneaker Head or Not

Rem's Pick Up And Delivery: Absolute Solution For Your Shoes/Sneakers —Sneaker Head or Not

Timog Ave Quezon City recently became home to the first location of Rem's, a professional sneaker cleaning shop and absolute solution products that designed for sneakers. 

Prices start from 300 PHP for "Basic Clean" to 1500 PHP for the "Sole Survivor" per pair.

Some of you use a DIY mixture of household items like dish washing soap, laundry detergent and bleach, We know you always want to wear your favorite pair and some of us don't know how to clean our shoes, different materials would required different cleaning method and if you don’t clean it the correct way, the result will be DAMAGED material. 

Since the service launched in March 2018, Rem's Shoe Care have cleaned more than a thousand pair of shoes.

It solved an important problem for people who likes sneakers and for busy people: getting their favorite pair cleaned without having to leave their house or having to deal how to clean with this materials of the shoes. 


A before and after shot from Rem's drop-off sneaker cleaning service.

It just requires a quick assessment and booking on our social media accounts

We also have free pick up and delivery around Quezon city area from getting a rider, to picking up the shoes to you, to bringing the shoes to our shop, to deliver it back to you).

You can book starting at 10 in the morning until 9pm at night 

What started out as a way to satisfy the Filipino shoe lovers wants and needs with just the use of our smartphones. Convenient and hassle free—and as a shoe lover our feet are happier for it.

Rem's x Kickstatik Flagship Store
75 Timog Ave 3rd Floor Glamsquad Salon 

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