I nearly ruined my favorite sneakers, but this PHP500 shoe cleaner brought them back to life — here’s how it works

I nearly ruined my favorite sneakers, but this PHP500 shoe cleaner brought them back to life — here’s how it works

All hail for the Philippines leading shoe savior brand.

Many of us is not a shoe person. For years, We kept our collection small, generally only buying one of each style of shoe: one pair of black shoes, one pair of sneakers, etc. Unlike sneaker-heads these people change the shoes when they become so worn down and unwearable. We have that one pair of shoes that we call as “Beaters,”a single pair of shoes that you always wear.

"After countless times wearing, I wanted to make them clean and found a solution to bring back my "Beaters" back to its former glory. One of the “trusted and most effective shoe cleaner here in philippines” Rems Shoe Cleaner , ABSOLUTE SOLUTION shoe care cleaning products. Sneaker-heads use it to keep their jordan's and yeezy's super clean.

And because seeing is believing, here's what the beaters looked like before and after the treatment. 



The cleaning process is simple. Generally, all you need is a small bowl of water, the shoe cleaner / stain remover, the brush, and a towel. Add a little solution directly to the brush, dip it into the water, and start brushing! The solution turns into a gentle foam and tackles dirt and stains. The brush is soft enough that the bristles won't damage the material. Finally, you use a towel to dry your shoes and wipe away any remaining dirt. 

Truly a great product.

While many people online claim detergents have similar effects, their ingredients can be harsh and damaging to many fabrics (not to mention the environment). Rem's Shoe Care products is made from natural soaps derived from coconut oils, which are completely biodegradable. They have different products and kits that can clean any material like leather, suede, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, cloth, and more. They also have water repellent spray, shoe freshener, stain remover, and sole revitalizer (sole deoxidizer).

"Since my first shoe cleaning, I have used their solution on every pair of my shoes I own; boots, white sneakers all returned to their former condition. So if you have a dirty pair of shoes or beaters, don’t give up on them… just give them some rem's shoe cleaner."

Check their products here.

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